Traveling abroad: how to get a passport urgently?

Le passeport, un document indispensable pour voyager dans certains pays.

Your passport has expired and the deadlines to obtain a new one are getting longer and longer. It is possible thatspeed up the procedure ?

If an identity document cannot be issued urgently, the same does not happen with the passport. However, this delivery remains exceptional and does not refer to all situations.

for an adult

A temporary passport, valid for one year only, can be issued urgently for medical or humanitarian reasons (serious illness or death of a family member) or for professional reasons.

It is up to the prefectural services to judge the merits of the request, depending on the situation. This procedure can be carried out in the prefecture of your choice and costs €30 in tax stamp.

If you are abroad, you must go to the French embassy or consulate in the country in question. In this case, the cost is €45.

If the application is accepted, the passport is usually made on site the same day. Otherwise, a receipt is issued and must be presented at the time of pick-up.

The old passport must be returned, unless it contains a still valid visa.Videos: currently on Actu

for a minor

A temporary passport can also be issued urgently for reasons of order medical or humanitarian. It is also valid for one year.

At the prefecture, the child and their guardian must present themselves at the counter together. This person in charge must exercise parental authority: it can be the father, the mother or the guardian.

If the child is under 12 years of age, the person in charge can go alone to the counter to collect the passport and sign it. If older than 12 years, the child must be present to collect the passport. Over 13 years old, the child can sign his passportwith the agreement of the administrator.

These withdrawal conditions are identical if the request is made at an embassy or consulate.

For a minor, the costs of this temporary passport are those of an adult passport: €30 in France and €45 abroad.

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