5 best restaurants in Marrakech

It’s all about the tastes in Marrakech. The Moroccan marvel is a city that envelops the senses, a sensory overload of sights, scents, and sounds that leave an indelible imprint. Eating frequently and well is a way of life in this town, and tourists will be surrounded by waves of delectable cuisine. You must dine in Marrakech’s finest establishments.

After all, one of the nicest things to do in this town is to dine out. The restaurants’ cacophony is enticing, making it one of the city’s primary attractions. Food vendors on every corner, providing everything from doughnuts to stewed snails, will provide plenty of excitement for less formal dinners. In Marrakech, and you’re hungry? You’re currently undergoing therapy.

5 best restaurants in Marrakech

1-Dar Yacout

This wonderful traditional restaurant is situated in a gorgeously decked-out riad deep in the north of the medina. It has been one of the first addresses in these parts to offer a multi-course gastronomic Moroccan feast for a set price and 20 years on it has lost none of its appeal. Enjoy aperitifs on the panoramic roof terrace then settle down for a waist-expanding meal in one of the lavishly decorated salons.

2-La Famille

Take a seat at one of the lop-sided lemon-wood tables beneath the swaying fronds of a banana tree and enjoy the inventive vegetarian menu at La Famille. Everything on the menu is light and fresh with flavors that are rooted in classic local ingredients. For example try the couscous served with sweet onions mint almonds and dried figs. The homemade desserts are also delicious and usually feature a seasonal fruit tart while fresh juices and herb-infused water are served instead of alcohol.

3-Jemaa el-Fna stalls

This bustling open-air restaurant is definitely the rowdiest and most popular in town. It pops up each evening on Jemaa el-Fna and from around 5 pm 100 or so stallholders set up shop to serve up a mouthwatering meat feast. Kebabs tagines sheep’s brains and skewered hearts are just a few of the delicious dishes that you can enjoy. Keep an eye out for clean grills and fresh meat – don’t forget to bring your own bread! Specialty stalls at this restaurant include stall 34 that specializes in spicy merguez sausages while stall 31 does a fantastic fried potato cake.

4-Le Petit Cornichon

Looking for a delicious French meal in a quaint setting? Look no further than Le Petit Cornichon – a restaurant tucked away down a quiet street in Gueliz often called the ‘New Town’. Enjoy a three-course lunch menu featuring seasonal dishes – perfect for a budget-friendly lunch outing – while at dinner try some of the restaurant’s classic French dishes such as steak with béarnaise sauce.


This Lebanese restaurant has a stylish look that would fit in well in downtown Beirut. The owners emigrated from Vienna and they love to showcase the best Lebanese cooking has to offer. The restaurant has a trendy look with striped textiles and hand-cut lanterns. It would look perfect in downtown Beirut!

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